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Posted by Denis Buczynski at 22:18 on 2013 Nov 26

This comet can best be described as a roller coaster comet, it has been on the up and now (maybe )on the down. However it has continued to confound many predictions and it may yet do so again. There seems to be conflicting evidence abou the current situation. Both NASA and CIOC are still optomistic about the comet surviving perihelion passage. The first images from the SOHO spacecraft will tell us more. If there is a total disintegration of the comet,then we may have a superb post perihelion dust tail display like one seen with C/2011 W3 Lovejoy and we could see an headless wonder type comeet. With two days to got to perihelion all scenarios are still possible. The game may be getting towards the final whistle but sometimes the extra time can be the most exciting part of the event. This is why comets are a fascinating objects to follow, one never knows how matters can turn out. As usual the best advice is to watch that space, in what ever way you can.Denis Buczynski