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Posted by Richard Miles at 18:34 on 2014 Jan 06

Steve using MPC ephemerides, here is what I find:Appulse of Ceres (V=8.4) and Vesta (V=7.1), 2014 JulyAs seen from southern UK (MPC Code J77)Optimal UK-based observing interval: 22:00-23:00 UT on July 05Year Month Day HH:hh(UT) Sep.(‘) Alt.20147509:00 10.00-3420147510:009.97-2620147511:009.96-1820147512:009.92-0920147513:009.92+0120147514:009.91+1020147515:009.91+1920147516:009.89+2720147517:009.88+3320147518:009.90+3720147519:009.92+3720147520:009.91+3520147521:009.93+3020147522:009.94+2320147523:009.97+1520147600:009.99+0620147601:0010.01-04