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Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 16:45 on 2011 Feb 02

Well, possibly not for my definition of "good mount". As Callum remarked I don’t think the CGEM is worth the extra outlay of cash required compared to the EQ6 Pro. I once had one of the first of the EQ6s (not Pro) and it was so bad, even after upgrading worms and motors, that in the end I used the GPDX instead. From what I gather the latest EQ6 Pro are better than the used to be and with some upgrades can be used for medium resolution astrophotography (I mean around 2"/px) with moderate payloads with some confidence. This said, if I were you, I would shop for an used EQ6 Pro with all the possible bells and whistles and upgrades that can be had, possibly from someone who used it for astrophotography (even if you won’t do it yourself).Reg’sAndrea T.