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    Posted by Tom Moran at 09:26 on 2011 Feb 02

    Hello.I have upgraded to a C9.25 SCT and I am now ready to upgrade the mount. Funds are such that I have a choice of two and was wondering if any members could give me some advice. The choice is between the EQ6 pro or the new Celestron CGEM. One is tried and trusted and the other is comparatively new.Kind regards.Tom Moran


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 12:48 on 2011 Feb 02

    Probably it is safer and cheaper to go for the EQ6 Pro. For what I know the CGEM isn’t much better.Andrea T.


    Posted by R S Winter at 13:08 on 2011 Feb 02

    I have been using a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro in London for about a year, and find it guides very well. I’m not very keen on the obligatory GOTO set up.I’ve just bought another for use in Wales, as my Vixen GPD is not guiding well.Get only the PRO version.


    Posted by Tom Moran at 13:58 on 2011 Feb 02

    Thanks for the replies. Andrea by ‘isn’t much better’ do you feel the EQ6 pro is not a good mount?Tom


    Posted by Callum Potter at 14:23 on 2011 Feb 02

    I suspect Andrea means its not worth the extra £500 or so for the CGEM.Callum


    Posted by Tom Moran at 14:34 on 2011 Feb 02

    CallumYes I thought that too. But you never know; after owning an LXD75 mount that presented nothing other than problems. Budgets being as they are I know I am going for something that will be substandard compared to say an Astrophysics mount.Regards.Tom


    Posted by Callum Potter at 15:36 on 2011 Feb 02

    Hi Tom,I don’t have an EQ6 pro myself, but I know a few folk who do, and not heard of any particular problems with them.Callum


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 16:45 on 2011 Feb 02

    Well, possibly not for my definition of "good mount". As Callum remarked I don’t think the CGEM is worth the extra outlay of cash required compared to the EQ6 Pro. I once had one of the first of the EQ6s (not Pro) and it was so bad, even after upgrading worms and motors, that in the end I used the GPDX instead. From what I gather the latest EQ6 Pro are better than the used to be and with some upgrades can be used for medium resolution astrophotography (I mean around 2"/px) with moderate payloads with some confidence. This said, if I were you, I would shop for an used EQ6 Pro with all the possible bells and whistles and upgrades that can be had, possibly from someone who used it for astrophotography (even if you won’t do it yourself).Reg’sAndrea T.


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 19:41 on 2011 Feb 02

    If you would like some evidence as to the capabilities of the EQ6Pro, then take a look at IC 443 JELLYFISH NEBULAImages Courtesy of Dave Adsheadon the.http://www.webbdeepsky.com/Scroll down and you will see two excellent images by David, using the aforementioned mount.


    Posted by Andrea Tasselli at 21:48 on 2011 Feb 02

    Frankly, at that image scale, it is hardly a test of how good the mount is.Andrea T.


    Posted by Tom Moran at 13:51 on 2011 Feb 04

    Andrea.I feel a second hand EQ 6 would present more issues; constant fast slewing will cause problems with the fairly lightweight motors. I wish I could afford something more substantial, and I know the arguments of false economy, but money being tight it is the best compromise I can manage. I certainly should expect improvement over the LXD75 which has been horrendous.Thanks for the solid advice though.Tom


    Posted by Tom Moran at 13:53 on 2011 Feb 04

    Paul.Thanks for that.Tom


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 09:02 on 2011 Feb 05

    Tom,I can testify to the accuracy of the EQ6Pro mount. I am a member of the UKAI imaging forum. On this forum. There are a large number of members who are using this mount, with excellent results. And most, if not all are using medium or large telescope’s.I know off. One member who lives (emigrated)in Brisbane. He’s using one of these mount’s, with an Orion Optics SPX 14". But there are other’s in Grt Britain who us smaller (8") telescope’s all for CCD imaging.My advice to you. Join UP! and ask these questions on there. I am sure you will get the answer’s that you need. Below is a link to said website.http://ukastroimaging.co.uk/forums/index.phpGood luck.


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 09:10 on 2011 Feb 05

    This website might be off some help to you.http://www.swashastro.co.uk/frontpage.htmlThe gentleman owns and uses an EQ6Pro with an 8" Newtonian, with excellent results.


    Posted by Tom Moran at 21:03 on 2011 Feb 08

    Paul.Sorry for the delay of my reply but I have been a little busy of late. Thank you for the advice and encouragement! I will certainly check out UKastro imaging forum.Kind regards.Tom Moran


    Posted by Stephen Durr at 12:10 on 2011 Feb 13

    Hello Tom, I have the 9.25 SCT and went for the NEQ6 and never regretted it. The mount is very robust and easy to use and will carry the 9.25 with out any trouble. I have heard that the CGEM can have problems from reading the cloudy nights forum. Best regards Steve.

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