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Posted by Richard Miles at 11:43 on 2010 Mar 05

David – Good point – thanks for flagging this oversight. This part of the site was set up after we had had our first successful BAA observing session at our Out-of-London meeting in Liverpool.There have been a few attempts in the last couple of years which have been clouded out but, after a long break, we were successful at the Christmas meeting last December 12 when we observed asteroid (1645) Waterfield at opposition as well as taking images of (7102) Neilbone and a few stars for calibrations.We took a total of 19 images on the day having started imaging before the formal meeting began and having had two consecutive 30-minute slots booked on the Faulkes Telescope South. I have just zipped the images and they occupy about 17 Mb. I’ll check with Callum to see about getting them to him and putting them in the archive.Richard