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    Posted by David Perkin at 12:29 on 2010 Mar 03

    I observe that the last data in Downloads from the Fawkes Telescope was generated in 2007.Still useful for practising image processing but not helpful for research.Can I assume that recent data is not available?Is there any similar facility around?Regards,David Perkin


    Posted by Richard Miles at 11:43 on 2010 Mar 05

    David – Good point – thanks for flagging this oversight. This part of the site was set up after we had had our first successful BAA observing session at our Out-of-London meeting in Liverpool.There have been a few attempts in the last couple of years which have been clouded out but, after a long break, we were successful at the Christmas meeting last December 12 when we observed asteroid (1645) Waterfield at opposition as well as taking images of (7102) Neilbone and a few stars for calibrations.We took a total of 19 images on the day having started imaging before the formal meeting began and having had two consecutive 30-minute slots booked on the Faulkes Telescope South. I have just zipped the images and they occupy about 17 Mb. I’ll check with Callum to see about getting them to him and putting them in the archive.Richard


    Posted by John Cave at 18:55 on 2010 Mar 07

    As a user of the Faulkes Telescopes this does seem a bit strange. I have an hour scheduled for this Thursday and the following Thursday both between 11.00a.m. and 12.00. Should anyone require any images or data that could be obtained during these sessions I would be only too happy to help. The both sessions are for the FTS (Australia). I have attached an image of the Crab taken with this telescope (unaltered).John.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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