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Posted by Nick James at 11:54 on 2012 Feb 26

Hi Paul,I dont have an 1100D but I have used Canon cameras extensively for astro-imaging and they are very good. I have a modified Canon EOS 10D which is quite old now but works very well and an unmodified Canon 550D. Flats, darks and biases aren’t too difficult and when you use them the fact that the chip isn’t cooled doesn’t seem to give many problem. I use IRIS for processing and the Canon tools (which include remote control and RAW processing). The Canon tools come with the camera. Battery life in long exposures is pretty good now as well. You’ll need some simple adaptors (usually 2" focusser tube extenders and a Canon T mount adaptor) but these can be picked up reasonably cheaply if you look around.Tony Morris’ book on DSLRs is a good start. Some of my pics with the different systems are on-line here:Megrez 72 + modified Canon 10D: + Canon 550D