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Posted by Tony Morris at 23:22 on 2012 Feb 28

PaulIts surprising what can be done with DSLRs using relatively short exposures and stacking. All the images I used in the BAA DSLR book did not have any calibration frames. The key to success is expose for as long as possible and obtain as many images as possible and stack them. As Nick states modified cameras work very well as they are 3 to 4 times more efficient at Ha wavelengths according to various sources on the web. Another key component is the image processing software, IRIS is well regarded and very powerful and FREE! However I have never mastered the user interface. I use PixInsight which is also very powerful and the user interface is much better in my opinion, currently its around 170 Euros.I also have a CCD camera, but my DSLR has got much more sky time under its belt as it works a treat with my 60mm and 90mm refractorsI don’t have a web page.Tony