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Posted by Gary Poyner at 13:04 on 2014 Jan 01

Slightly better for me in 2013. I had 93 observable nights in 2013 compared to 84 in 2012. I also had a good run on Nova Del where I made 63 observations in the first 100 days, although these were mainly brief holes in cloud where I could use bins or the small 22cm.These 93 nights equate to 191.18 hours of eyepiece time in 2013. 59 of these nights were completely clear, whilst 34 were partially clear (more than 50% cloud and good breaks). Best month was April with 12 nights, and the worst was January with just 3. Of the 93 nights, 37 were under strong Moonlit conditions. I made 6,651 visual observations (my lowest number of observations in a single year by far since 1992) as I was unable to observe on all of the 93 nights due to various reasons. I also accumulated 1,952 CCD observations from BRT and AAVSOnet remote telescopes. All CV’s of course :-)As usual I keep a track on how the weather guys do in their predictions for cloud cover. In 2013 they made incorrect cloud/clear forecasts on 60 occasions.Looking forward to seeing other observers stats.Happy New year!Gary