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Posted by Dale Holt at 14:16 on 2010 Feb 10

Thanks for those comments Paul, heartfelt and very true I’m sure.I wish I had enjoyed the privilege of meeting with Paul Doherty :(I have however had the pleasure of speaking to Chris Doherty via telephone on one occasion at the end of last summer. Patrick put him in touch with me. I told him how much I enjoyed his Fathers work which pleased him, he said he would try and copy any work his Mother still had and send it onto me (he is a professional photographer I understand). Unfortunately I have never heard back from him and as he called me I have not been able to make contact again.Indeed it would be nice to see a paper or an even more extensive work bringing together details of Paul’s life work in Astronomy.Kind regards, DaleP.S…I grabbed a copy of S@N mag with the CD, thanks again for the tip off Paul 🙂