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    Posted by Dale Holt at 17:18 on 2010 Feb 03

    Dear All, My first Forum post 🙂 If it’s in the wrong place do put me right Callum!I am a huge fan of the late Paul Doherty, I had a lovely copy of his fine book Atlas of the Planets but gave it to a friend in the US at Christmas so I need another copy (any offers? happy to pay of course)The main point of this post is to ask members if they have any copies of Paul’s astronomical drawing? I would like to build up a collection, electronic and paper I’m not worried.I saw a superb print on the Meteor section stand at the Exhibition meeting last summer but despite exhaustive effort to find out more information and hopefully secure an electronic copy I got absolutely nowhere.If anyone can help I really would be delighted to hear from them.Kindest Regards, Dale


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 20:11 on 2010 Feb 07

    HI Dale,I can’t help you with the drawings. But have you seen the February Sky at Night CD?There’s a fantastic archive Sky at Night program, featuring Paul with his telescope in Stoke on Trent.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 13:21 on 2010 Feb 08

    Hi Paul, Many thanks for that information that is most exciting. Patrick & Paul were very close friends. I Don’t subscribe to that magazine but will try to get a copy of the CD.Thanks again for your time taken to respond.Warmest regards, Dale


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 12:51 on 2010 Feb 10

    I new Paul quite well. He was an Honorary member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society, until his sad and untimely death during the late 1990s. I was privileged to meet him on a good number of occasions. He was in my opinion, together with Harold Hill and Sir Patrick Moore, one of England’s great visual observer’s.I wish his son Chris could put a book together showcasing Paul’s work.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 14:16 on 2010 Feb 10

    Thanks for those comments Paul, heartfelt and very true I’m sure.I wish I had enjoyed the privilege of meeting with Paul Doherty :(I have however had the pleasure of speaking to Chris Doherty via telephone on one occasion at the end of last summer. Patrick put him in touch with me. I told him how much I enjoyed his Fathers work which pleased him, he said he would try and copy any work his Mother still had and send it onto me (he is a professional photographer I understand). Unfortunately I have never heard back from him and as he called me I have not been able to make contact again.Indeed it would be nice to see a paper or an even more extensive work bringing together details of Paul’s life work in Astronomy.Kind regards, DaleP.S…I grabbed a copy of S@N mag with the CD, thanks again for the tip off Paul 🙂


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 20:10 on 2010 Feb 11

    Know problem Dale,I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 12:34 on 2010 Feb 15

    I did enjoy it very much Paul. The Saturn drawing titorial he did with Patrick was superb, his brush control when painting in colour on the globe and black sky background was something to behold, he really was a master.I’m even more desperate now to find copies of his art work and more about him?What happened to that big reflector of his I wonder?Kind regards, Dale


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 17:54 on 2010 Feb 15

    Dale Holt wrote:

    What happened to that big reflector of his I wonder?Kind regards, Dale

    That is a very good question Dale. It certainly did look impressive and I liked the novel approach for Paul’s observatory.When I had finished watching the video. I did a search to see whether there are, any UK based manufactures who make Fork Mounts, with large telescopes, of the type Paul was using. Sadly I didn’t find anything, which I thought was sad.I’d much rather use a Fork mounted reflector, over a Equatorial mounted reflector any day. I’m sure if Patrick was on here he wood agree.It is my wish to own a large telescope before or when I retire. And use it for visual Planetary and Lunar work. If I can find a 15" fork mounted telescope then I’d be very happy.In the mean time I’ll make do with my Orion SPX 200-800 "AG" on it’s Losmandy G11.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 08:57 on 2010 Feb 26

    Well it doesn’t look like I’m going to track down any items of Paul’s art work via this post/forum. Martin Mobberley did tell me that post cards were produced of the ‘Comet over a cottage’ painting that I saw on the Meteor section stand at last years exhibition meeting, which is a good lead. It was that painting that inspired me to try and a aquire some examples of Paul’s outstanding work.I think the next step will be to place a wanted ad in the Journal.Regards, Dale


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 10:55 on 2010 Feb 26

    Intra Press did a print of "Inside the Rings of Saturn" by Paul some years ago.I got my signed copy (No.34) at an Astrofest. I’m not about to part with mine, but there are at least another 33 out there somewhere.Intra used to publish "Astonomy Now". "Astonomy Now" appears to be published by Pole Star these days but maybe they took over some stock?Good luck with your hunt.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 13:04 on 2010 Mar 01

    Dear Roy, Thank you for that useful snippet I will follow it up. Can you pin point the year by any chance?Kind regards, Dale


    Posted by Roy Hughes at 17:32 on 2010 Mar 04

    Not sure, I think it was the Astrofest following the announcement of Pauls death. The picture was in a pile of prints and maps being "remaindered" by the London Planetarium and I remember thinking at the time that they did not have a clue what they were selling me for a pound.


    Posted by Dale Holt at 12:19 on 2010 Mar 05

    Many thanks Roy my search continues :)Regards, Dale


    One of Paul’s paintings came up for auction last year:

    I assume most of his work was done on a commission basis and sold on completion but I remember that his unsold work was put up for sale after his death and sold at market rate. Some of the paintings were damaged/unsigned but I seem to remember one of his iconic images was included in the sale. A certificate signed by Patrick Moore was provided with the unsigned paintings. I may still have photographs of the paintings.

    Denis Buczynski

    Hi Alan (dont know your surname as you have not displayed it), I have one of Paul’s paintings, the one of Saturn and its ring system hanging on my wall. Image attached. Also there are many of Paul’s sketches of comets in the BAA Comet Archive, such as these of comet Kobayashi-Berger-Milon at

    Denis Buczynski


    Hi Denis, I wasn’t surprised to hear that there are many of Paul’s sketches of comets in the BAA Comet Archive. Comets did seem to be one of his passions. I have the attached (unsigned) image which I have wondered if Comet Hyakutake was his inspiration.
    I have found the photos of his work that went on sale. I will scan them when I get the chance.

    Alan Miller

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