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Posted by Paul A Brierley at 17:54 on 2010 Feb 15

Dale Holt wrote:

What happened to that big reflector of his I wonder?Kind regards, Dale

That is a very good question Dale. It certainly did look impressive and I liked the novel approach for Paul’s observatory.When I had finished watching the video. I did a search to see whether there are, any UK based manufactures who make Fork Mounts, with large telescopes, of the type Paul was using. Sadly I didn’t find anything, which I thought was sad.I’d much rather use a Fork mounted reflector, over a Equatorial mounted reflector any day. I’m sure if Patrick was on here he wood agree.It is my wish to own a large telescope before or when I retire. And use it for visual Planetary and Lunar work. If I can find a 15" fork mounted telescope then I’d be very happy.In the mean time I’ll make do with my Orion SPX 200-800 "AG" on it’s Losmandy G11.