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Posted by Marlyn Smith at 13:56 on 2011 May 20

You can view more images on the Solar Section web’s some more recent images received hot off the press!Above prominences 20110519 0833 UT by Dave TylerAbove AR1216 imaged in H-alpha by Martin Mobberley 20110519 at 0847 UTAbove prominences imaged by Martin Mobberly 20110520 0828 UTDave Tyler has merged two images above; the solar limb has been merged with an image of the lunar limb. Take a moment to consider the scale of the lunar limb and then look at the crater away from the limb several hundred km wide. Now look at the size of the that solar prominence some 93,000,000 miles further away and you get some idea of the scale!Solar image taken 20110513 at 0916 UT