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    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 14:46 on 2011 Jan 05

    A new thread for 2011 pics. How fitting to start with some atmospheric images of the recent partial eclipse from 4th January.Above image by Richard McKim 0825 UTImage by Alan Tough, Elgin at 0929 UT using a Sky Watcher ED80G L Schott, Wesel, GermanyJohn Vetterlein, Orkney, 0926 UTAndrew Robertson, Norfolk, 0928 UT using 4" VixenG L Schott, Wesel, GermanyImage by Martin Mobberley


    Posted by TonyAngel at 18:26 on 2011 Jan 06

    Sierra de la Contraviesa, Granada, Spain Sony Cam Recorder plus Welding Glass


    Posted by at 14:20 on 2011 Jan 12

    Excellent photographs, congratulations to everyone. North Wales has been bathed in cloud for virtually 2 months, so no photographs of solar phenomena possible. Favourable weather forcasts for the region would be appreciated!


    Posted by Stephen Durr at 20:23 on 2011 Mar 08

    This image was taken last August on my Lunt 60mm DS mounted on a small skywatcher eq5 promount.


    Posted by Norman Morton at 21:40 on 2011 Mar 08

    Beautiful Image Stephen…. Hope I’ll be able to take some stunning pics like this one day :-)…All the bestNorman


    Posted by Stephen Durr at 21:15 on 2011 Mar 09

    Thanks Norman, I am looking forward to getting some more images now the sun is getting above my tree line. Steve


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 10:59 on 2011 May 16

    Here a some recent images by Solar Section members. The below image is an H-alpha image taken by Pete Lawrence 20110508Image below by Peter Woolliams 20110512Image below by Martin Mobberley of AR1199 and filaments 20110501 at 0845UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 11:10 on 2011 May 16

    Above image by Martin Mobberley of AR1203 imaged at 0850 UT 20110501Above image by Monty Leventhal showing a pair of large converging prominences imaged at 2230UT 20110511 (Australia)Above image by Martin Mobberley of a prominence hearth imaged at 0814 UT 20110504Above image by Dave Tyler showing white light and H-alpha images of AR1203 imaged at 0814 UT 20110502A tenuous strand of plasma imaged by Dave Tyler at 0958 UT 20110501


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 13:56 on 2011 May 20

    You can view more images on the Solar Section web’s some more recent images received hot off the press!Above prominences 20110519 0833 UT by Dave TylerAbove AR1216 imaged in H-alpha by Martin Mobberley 20110519 at 0847 UTAbove prominences imaged by Martin Mobberly 20110520 0828 UTDave Tyler has merged two images above; the solar limb has been merged with an image of the lunar limb. Take a moment to consider the scale of the lunar limb and then look at the crater away from the limb several hundred km wide. Now look at the size of the that solar prominence some 93,000,000 miles further away and you get some idea of the scale!Solar image taken 20110513 at 0916 UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 10:50 on 2011 Jul 08

    Although the Sun is fairly quiet in white light at the present time, it continues to put on a spectacular H-alpha show. Here are some images from July.Above image by Martin Mobberley showing AR1244 and dark filament above on the 2nd at 0844 UTFilament approaching the limb and promience hearth on the limb by Dave Tyler on the 1st at 0816 UTProminence by Dave Tyler also on the 1st but at 0901 UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 15:57 on 2011 Jul 29

    Just imaged this using 5" SCT, Type II glass solar filter and Olympus Camedia C-4000 digital camera just held afocally to 20mm eyepiece. Three northern hemisphere’s groups on the disk AR1260, AR1261 and AR1263.20110729 at 1415 UT


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 16:34 on 2011 Jul 29

    Hi Marlyn,Know Sun here i’m affraid. I have total obscuration. Very good picture, by the way.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 23:06 on 2011 Jul 29

    Thanks Paul. The Sun does shine in Scotland occasionally, but not often! It’s been quite a few years since we’ve had sunspots like this and I’ve felt compelled to reach for the camera. Long may it continue towards sunspot max in 2013.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 18:10 on 2011 Jul 30

    Above image taken by Dave Tyler of AR1261 and AR1263 0931 UT 20110728Above image by Bill Leatherbarrow, taken 20110730 showing AR1260 and new western active region 1265 with bright flare at 1309 UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 12:56 on 2011 Jul 31

    Mosaic imaged by Pete Lawrence 20110730 at 1527 UTMosaic by Martin Mobberley imaged 20110731 at 0748 showing AR’s 1260, 1261 and 1263


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 10:09 on 2011 Aug 01

    Above, images of AR’s 1260 and 1263 taken on 20110730 by Alan Friedman, USA


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 20:23 on 2011 Sep 18

    I was able to look at our nearest star this morning.I counted five group’s visible at x25 through a Baader filtered 66mm William Optics "OG"You can read my report together with a drawing on my blog.I’ve mentioned to an observing colleague, jokingly. The Sun will probably wake up now. Now she’s heading South of the celestial equator. And thus making observing difficult from November.


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 12:12 on 2011 Oct 09

    AR1302 in white light and H-alpha imaged 20110928 by Dave Tyler between 0922 and 0944 UTAR1302 20110929 at 1032 UT imaged by Paulo Casquinha using 10" Newt f6Saying goodbye to AR1302. Image by Martin Crow, 20111002 at 1220 UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 08:38 on 2011 Oct 10

    Image by Paulo Casquinha, full disk H-alpha 20111009 at 1424 UT


    Posted by Marlyn Smith at 19:18 on 2011 Oct 21

    Image by Peter Taylor 20111018 at 1144 UT

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