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Posted by Roy Hughes at 09:31 on 2011 Jul 21

I re-wrote Michael Covington’s software and built a sucesful drive for my old orange tube celestron. Works very well. I’m still using it.My old, now orphan, web page at has details and links to Micheal’s site.I suspect that this will be overkill for this application. It pulls nearly 1 amp at 12 volts. Unless driven from a car’s battery the total result including a battery pack would be far from portable. I took a similar arrangement cobbled together from bits of my home telescopes to an eclipse in Africa in the 70’s and given that it only had to work for a few minutes a 12v stack of D cells worked OK. They didn’t XRay luggage at the airport in those days otherwise I would probably still be in jail today as the resutant stack looked just like the bundle of dynamite sticks that often featured in the cowboy films of my childhood!Roy