S617 and a question on how to proceed

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Andy Wilson

Hi Matt,

First of all welcome to the BAA 🙂

Robin has already given you some excellent advice on spectral typing so I won’t bother adding any more.

I own an Lhires III and I find it an excellent spectrograph. It took me several months of practice to get to know it well and tweak its performance, but I was able to get good spectra of bright stars very quickly. While a star analyser is great to start off with, as well as always being a good tool for fainter targets, there are some things that will be easier with the Lhires III. For example wavelength calibration, flat fielding and simply having a slit removes the potential problem of nearby stars contaminating a slitless spectrum. Though of course you do need a good mount to be able to position the star onto the slit and to hold it there accurately.

Best wishes,