Shadow track

Alex Pratt

Hi Denis,

The track is generally well established, although the observed track is often displaced some km from the predicted track. There’s small uncertainties in the asteroid’s orbit and the star’s position is well defined. More event details and an interactive ground track map are available in Occult Watcher Cloud

Click on the world map, drag and zoom in to Tarbat Ness. Click at your location on the map and you’ll see your event mid-time is 20:13:20 UT, although your site is quite distant from the predicted shadow track (blue lines) and 1-sigma band (red lines).

It’s worthwhile observing because Tim mentioned the importance of probing the space around Medea. Some asteroids have satellite moons and have been discovered by occultation observations. I suggest recording for 5 minutes centred on the mid-time.

Clear skies,