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You were right to conclude that I have bought a new lap top in fact a HP computer with Widows 10

Maxim DL is working without any problems which I use for imaging as is PixInsight. I have been in contact with Mathew at Pulsar who is fixing some bugs in his observatory package resulting from Windows 10

I have a real problem with Sky X though, It will Park the telescope in position 1, 2 and 3 but when I point to polaris it has the notion that it is in New Zealand. I have the latest version 12034.

Initially my thoughts were it must be a timing issue so double checked the location date and time were set correctly. It makes no difference using the hand paddle, connecting via the serial port or using Astro Physics APCC to connect via ethernet. However, should I manually move the scope to Alkaid and synchronize to that position the scope will point to Alcor or M101 and slew there.

Requesting a park position 3 results in a slew to  somewhere else.. I have asked George at Astro-Physics is he has any ideas but I think the problems lies with SkyX.