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    I have been running widows 7 until my lap top gave up mainly the key board would not allow many letters to be added. With windows 7 I was able to run Maxim Dl camera Pulsar Dome Sky X cameara and dome control. Now I can still Run Astro-Physics Command Centre and Sky K planiterium software but that is all. Is there a bug in Windows 10 (Windows 7 no longer supported) or am I missing some simple solution?



    William Bristow

    Hi Nick.

    Assuming this is a new computer with Windows 10 start by typing “Programs and Features” in the search box, lower left, bottom tool bar.

    From the pop-up search results click the item “Turn Windows Features On or Off”

    If not already enabled, in the list of features place a check in the boxes next to .NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Framework 4.8.

    Reboot the computer.

    Go to the ASCOM website, download and install the ASCOM 6.4SP1 platform from the link at the top-right of the web page:


    Then run the installers again for MaxIm DL and the Pulsar Dome driver.

    Install any ASCOM drivers for the equipment you intend to connect.

    MaxIm requires the ASCOM platform to function and connects to most hardware devices via ASCOM drivers but includes some native support for their own SBIG camera range and a few older third party legacy devices but in the main you will need to install the ASCOM drivers for cameras, filter wheels mounts, focusers, domes etc.

    The Sky X has many built in non-ASCOM drivers (X2) that work with devices directly which is probably why the Sky X works but MaxIm does not. I have no experience with AstroPhysics gear so can’t comment on that.

    Lastly, it is most likely your old computer ran with the 32 bit version of Windows 7, your new computer will almost certainly be 64 bit so you may have to visit your astro equipment vendors websites to download the latest 64 bit compatible drivers.


    Andy Wilson

    Hi Nick,

    I successfully use Windows 10 with MaxIm DL, the Sky X and an Astrophysics mount. There are no specific tips I can give other than sometimes things don’t work first time when I change my setup, though with trial and error I’ve always got things working.

    Good luck with your changes,




    You were right to conclude that I have bought a new lap top in fact a HP computer with Widows 10

    Maxim DL is working without any problems which I use for imaging as is PixInsight. I have been in contact with Mathew at Pulsar who is fixing some bugs in his observatory package resulting from Windows 10

    I have a real problem with Sky X though, It will Park the telescope in position 1, 2 and 3 but when I point to polaris it has the notion that it is in New Zealand. I have the latest version 12034.

    Initially my thoughts were it must be a timing issue so double checked the location date and time were set correctly. It makes no difference using the hand paddle, connecting via the serial port or using Astro Physics APCC to connect via ethernet. However, should I manually move the scope to Alkaid and synchronize to that position the scope will point to Alcor or M101 and slew there.

    Requesting a park position 3 results in a slew to  somewhere else.. I have asked George at Astro-Physics is he has any ideas but I think the problems lies with SkyX.



    Andy Wilson

    Hi Nick,

    I remember I had problems parking my Astro-Physics mount with the SkyX, so I wonder if you problems might be related to parking. As the mount doesn’t actually need to be parked I simply slew to a safe position and then turn it off. Of course your pointing problem might be something different but I thought I’d mention it.

    Other possibilities to check are whether your location is set to come from the hand controller or the computer.

    I’ve never pointed at Polaris as it is not a good star to use for syncing the telescope position. You have good latitude information but the longitude precision is about as bad as it could be as a tiny movement gives a massive shift in longitude.

    Good luck, I’m sure you will get there.



    I have finally worked out the problem was. The long wet winter had caused the control box to mal function. Now dried out everything is fine.

    Cheers Nick

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