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John Chuter

I belong to another forum which has discussed this disappointing news. I stopped subscribing a while ago for many of the reasons already stated.

Some posts on the other forum have been giving links that may be of interest to those of us who find digital content useful, as I do.

This one goes to which are the PDFs of 1625 past copies of S&T

This one is to an index as a spreadsheet which is quite good if not in complete detail

Still available on the S&T website are DVDs of ‘The Sky’ and ‘The Telescope’ which were two separate publications prior to their merging in the early 1940s into S&T.

The link above shows the two mentioned along with many other items, one of which, interestingly, is the BAA sky chart prepared by Wil Tirion some years ago now!

It appears that the DVDs that were once on sale with many old S&Ts are not now available.

Hopefully this is of interest to some members. 

As mentioned,I find digital content very useful as it can be readily searched in this computer age, for items of interest, but I also enjoy collecting the ‘old fashioned‘ paper versions as well, mainly books, but that is for another thread.