Spectroscopy in the BAA

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Andy Wilson

Hi Marc,

It is great to see how spectroscopy has grown at the BAA over the past couple of years. The subject being one of the main areas of discussion on the forum, with advice being given to help members get started, as well as some fantastic results being shared.

We also have a spectroscopy database where members can upload their 1D fits format files. Noting a separate login is needed as it runs on different software to the main BAA webpages.


I think Ernst’s proposal for a VV Cep campaign is great. Though I am aware that Ernst has a long running campaign on VV Cep and so I am not sure if it is appropriate to think of it as a BAA campaign. There is a separate thread that Ernst has started on the campaign so probably best to post any questions there so that there is a single place to access the information.

Sadly for me a bank holiday weekend when I actually have time to do some spectroscopy and the forecast is for wall to wall cloud! Oh well, as a UK based amateur astronomer I learned along time ago that large reserves of patience are essential 😉

Best wishes,