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R.A. Marriott

The Instruments and Imaging Section has always included spectroscopy within its remit, and my approach as Director is to support all the Observing Sections and to have close ties with them, but not to impinge directly on their work. Like astrophotography and imaging, spectroscopy is a discipline that can be applied to the work of almost all the Sections, and historical precedent demonstrates why there is no need for a new Section. The original BAA Sections included a Spectroscopy Section and a Solar Spectroscopy Section (in addition to the Solar Section), but eventually these were discontinued, as it was considered that spectroscopy had become an applied discipline rather than an activity in its own right. There was also a Photography Section, but in the 1930s this was also discontinued, for the same reason. Fifty years later, in the early 1980s, the Astrophotography Section was inaugurated, but, together with the Telescope Technology Section, was, in 1995, superseded by the Instruments and Imaging Section, dealing with all aspects of practical astronomy. Therefore, I would be pleased to receive enquiries, and would welcome articles on spectroscopy for inclusion in I&I News. As with articles on imaging, these would mostly pertain to instrumentation, techniques, and results, while specific observational results would, of course, be submitted to the appropriate Observing Section or Sections. If you would like to discuss this with me, or if you would like to contribute, please contact me at ram@hamal.demon.co.uk.

Bob Marriott
Director, Instruments and Imaging Section