Spectrum of Nova Cas 2020

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David Boyd

Here is a spectrum of Nova Cas 2020 recorded with a LISA spectrograph on a C11 SCT and calibrated in absolute flux using a concurrently measured magnitude of V = 13.395. Using PlotSpectra, the integrated absolute flux of the H-alpha and H-beta lines are 3.53E-12 and 2.52E-13 erg/cm2/sec respectively. These results are consistent with the values 3.54E-12 and 2.54E-13 reported in ATel 13905. The apparent FWHM of the H-alpha line is 508 km/s and there is evidence of weak P Cyg absorption on the blue side of H-alpha extending to -800 km/s relative to the peak of emission. There are also emission lines of Fe II 5018, Fe II 5169, [O I] 5577 and an unidentified emission line at ~6160 A.