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John Berman

Thanks for the feedback so playing around I can add text banners (but no hyperlinks)

 So I have added a general BAA-RAG mention followed by the URL which we really need to get updated to something like

I also added a banner underneath to remind people about the next Shower

The banners can be different sizes and colours so feedback welcomed ?

Streaming to YouTube is actually quite easy – you need a Channel on You Tube which is free and then on the source IE my laptop I am using some software called OBS Studio and its free

And allows you to stream – word of caution you can actually stream continuously and there appears to be no limit I tested on for 7 continuous days with no issues, however if a stream is over 12 Hours you cant edit the video later

 If you look at my Channel

You will see a video called Long Event at 18:00 UTC on 29 May 2020 – this is a cut from a streamed video that was let than 12 hours long – Hope that makes sense

I have attached my current spectrum lab script (I renamed it .doc from .usr)


John B