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Dominic Ford

Roger Dymock: The main technical difficulty with creating live streams of meetings is that we need a very reliable and fast internet connection at the meeting venue. A dodgy Wifi connection isn’t good enough: it needs to be a rock solid wired connection.

Surprisingly few venues offer this. The internet in Burlington House is not great, and when we enquired about live streaming the Christmas meeting at UCL a couple of years ago, even that was a no go. I very much doubt Sparsholt College would be able to help us, unless they already do live streaming themselves.

In my opinion, doing this badly is probably worse than not doing it at all. If we offer a live stream, and then it keeps breaking up and isn’t actually watchable, we’re sure to annoy lots of people. So, on balance, I think it’s best to focus efforts on what we know we can achieve, which is high-quality videos of meetings after the event.