Forums Telescopes Dismantling EQ6 Success

Grant Privett

The nut came off! …….  Eventually.

It required the metal band oil filter wrench. Because its only meant for 60mm diameter or greater nuts I had to introduce a 4mm deep strip of rubber and it took me leaning very heavily on it to make it move – even then it was reluctant. Doesn’t, look especially corroded or glued. A poor thread originally perhaps. The surface of the nut is slightly damaged, but I use my scopes rather than worship them, so I’m really not fussed.

Anyway, I strongly recommend an oil filter wrench to anyone trying this sort of thing – and also the bearing removal tool thingy (technical engineering term) that Rowan sell.

Mine is an old EQ6, which probably also explains the bad thread on the gear wheel attached to the RA worm – . Even after 24hrs doused in WD40 it was still hard enough on that I thought the Allen key would snap…

That said, I’m happy to say I have not seen any of the swarf recorded on some accounts of servicing an EQ6.

So, the mount now is at max entropy. Now to try and put it back together with the Rowan upgrade.

There may be a whining and the gnashing of teeth heard throughout the land.