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Denis Buczynski

Tarbatness observing statistics 2021 observations on nights when ccd comet astrometry and photometry was undertaken; Jan 19, Feb16,Mar12,Apr10,May4,Aug7,Sept10,Oct12,Nov9,Dec17. Total=116 nights This excludes any nights from mid May until mid August when observing is not possible at this lattitude 58d N due to all night twilight. Observations of other objects Novae, Supernovae, and other transients were made on nights when CCD comet imaging was taking place.Some deep sky ojects were imaged in colour. In the winter skies displays of Aurora were recorded. In the Summer skies displays of NLC were recorded. Meteor count on two cameras 12mm camera 2328, 3.8mmcamera 1844 Cameras are turned off from mid May to mid August due to all night twilight. All in all it was decentish observing year here at Tarbatness, I am not sure I could have done more.