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Grant Privett

A key fob on the roll off roof is pretty cool 🙂

Will indeed look out for well protected cables. We have foxes round here certainly – the footprints in the recent snow were really obvious. Other things too – though pheasants, deer and voles are not normally a problem for telescopes, but rather unwelcome in the nearby veg patch.

I noticed several people mentioned the software they use to access the instruments in the observatory from indoors. Sounds like there are several good options out there – and some of them free to private non-commercial users. Its nice to have multiple good choices. I’m rather favouring using Dell D630 laptop outside as they have  4x real USB sockets and are rather cheaper than decent spec NUCs – t he NUC may come later (its compactness is attractive). Dell D630s are certainly not  the fastest machines in the world but good enough to run an autoguider and CCD at the same time.