Terms of use

Dominic Ford

The BAA Forum Terms of Use do say:

“We ask that contributors to the forum and member pages use their full name, to promote a sense of collegiality and community amongst our members.

We certainly consider that to be best practice. However, we currently only enforce this where we suspect dishonesty.

It is important to recognise that many people have very reasonable concerns about posting information about themselves online. People who work in certain professions (state school teachers, social workers, civil servants, etc) can live under the threat of immediate dismissal in the event of a single online post which is perceived to violate their employer’s code of conduct. It is understandable that such people increasingly want to err on the safe side (or feel extreme pressure from their employers), and prefer that their posts should not come up in Google searches for their names.

Others may simply feel they don’t want to release information about themselves to fraudsters Googling for their name.

If there are specific concerns, the website administrators are able to cross-reference any forum post against the BAA membership database.