Thank you

Donald Macmillan

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the warm welcome and all the advice and suggestions.  I am very naturally drawn to the variable star section so i will get involved there, and try my eye at some binocular variables.  In the meantime, while i get back into variable stars I’ll just enjoy some general observing ….  I’m interested in the comet section, and the deep sky section too now.  I will admit though, i didn’t really expect with my humble ED80 (hardly a ‘light-bucket’) to be getting much encouragement to do any deep sky observing!  But i will give it a go, try my hand at some sketching perhaps, and even some imaging with my Canon DSLR.  What about lunar observing?  Can an ED80 be much serious use in respect to our moon? 

Looking forward to ever darkening skies! 

Many thanks again!