Thank you

Tracey Snelus

Hello Bill 

Thank you for the feedback. I am running on windows 10. I seem to have resolved the issue with the HD version of the UFO capture. There is an option to ignore blackouts and by selecting that I am now able to run successfully although discussion with SonatoCo they didnt think that this would have been a resolution but I have proven it by checking and unchecking the options which allows me to either replicate or eliminate the issue that I had. 

I have been running the system for one week now with some good captures. Within the first 5 minutes of switching the system on I caught a nice bright meteor. I have tweaked the settings so that most of the detections that I have are genuine apart from the odd aeroplane and what I think are either bats or birds given the times of the detections early evening and dawn. I have now refined my profile for accuracy and started the run through the UFO analyser to make sure that I am able to perform the analysis correctly. 

With regards to Nematode network I will certainly be joining in, I have used the site and technical notes along the way which I have found to be incredibly useful in getting me this far.