The nucleus returns?

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Nick James

This image from tonight is at an image scale of 1″.29 per pixel with FWHM = 2″.9. It is an average stack of 57x60s frames with local flux subtracted using a 6×6 median. It is upsampled by a factor of 4 for display. There is a clear condensation to the NW of the bright extended coma. Interestingly, if you do astrometry on this condensation you get a position which is within 2 arcsec of the position predicted by the orbit using astrometry up to March 25. Current astrometry which is centroided on the bright elliptical coma is off by around 11 arcsec now. This condensation wasn’t visible in my images last night.

Is it what remains of the nucleus? We’ll find out over the next few days.