ToM 2019 – View from Lincoln, UK

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Set up good and early with an Altair ED70 + NexImage5 and a Vixen 110 VMC + DSLR, made mistake of fiddling about with DSLR kit. Cloudy so unable to undo my fiddle. Missed most of the event anyway but caught some lucky 30 sec AVI frames with ED70. Not all stacked as well expected so got about 5 worth looking at out of 19 in a 1 hour window. All too big to put inline, see share below. The one at 14:37:18 has shading because it was taken as Sun passed by a pipe on the roof !!ArFQHAmnV9B5g4cCrHx018M4mxm9Pg?e=vNIJn8