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    Derek Robson

    I decided to try for it.

    Taken with a DSLR 70-300 mm lens set at 300 mm f5.6, with an aluminised Mylar filter I’d made for the total solar eclipse in 1999. Taken through a double glazed window, with a towel over my head to see the live screen.

    Derek Robson

    Dominic Ford

    This would be my entry for the “alternative” category. It is more colourful than the other images, at least.

    This is what you get if you hold a phone camera up to the eyepiece of a telescope rather incompetently, so that it’s misaligned and not very much of the Sun is visible.

    I almost chucked the picture away, but if you look closely at the full-resolution attachment, Mercury is clearly visible! I’m not sure you can see it in the low-resolution version below. Taken about five minutes into the transit.

    David Swan

    There’s something rather terrifying about this image. Perhaps it is the impression of a widely dilated pupil that is disconcerting. It looks like the intro to one of those ‘behind the camera’ BBC documentary segments.

    Indeed, Mercury is visible – so the eastern limb is at the top, I guess.

    Paul G. Abel

    Hi Phill,

    I intend to write a report for the journal covering observations made of the transit- I can collate them into a series of images so if people could email me their observations (along with their locations) I will include them in the report.  Thanks to those of you who have sent me their work already- I’m pleased so many people were able to get an observation given then conditions!




    Set up good and early with an Altair ED70 + NexImage5 and a Vixen 110 VMC + DSLR, made mistake of fiddling about with DSLR kit. Cloudy so unable to undo my fiddle. Missed most of the event anyway but caught some lucky 30 sec AVI frames with ED70. Not all stacked as well expected so got about 5 worth looking at out of 19 in a 1 hour window. All too big to put inline, see share below. The one at 14:37:18 has shading because it was taken as Sun passed by a pipe on the roof !!ArFQHAmnV9B5g4cCrHx018M4mxm9Pg?e=vNIJn8

    Andrew Paterson

    From the south coast we were pretty lucky with the weather. I had a good view of ingress with some images taken and up till mid transit we had broken cloud – after that the cloud was more prevalent and I didn’t manage to get a sunset shot with Mercury in transit which would have been nice. The images I have posted on my members page and attached below were  taken with a Nikon Coolpix P900 and white light filter and go from ingress and just after ingress to near mid transit at 15.20 , taken from Hill Head Hampshire

    Alan Thomas


    Alan White

    I was unable to join my fellow club members at our CPAC transit get together, work got in the way.
    But I was lucky enough to sneak a scope out and get a look, sadly missing first and second contact due to an unfortunate timing of a work phone call.
    Observed and enjoyed, then had a go with my phone hand held and struggled as always.
    But I did get something, which was better than normal.


    Weathe in my position: central Italy

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)
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