Try SCE to AUX

William Stewart

As noted by Nick, last night’s launch was scrubbed (due to lightening in the area – one of the lessons learned from the Apollo 12 launch). There’s some time sensitive items in the payload that need to be swapped out and hence the next launch attempt will be Saturday 03rd June at 21:07 GMT. As before, the CRS-11 module and secondary booster should be visible from the British Isles approximately 20 minutes after launch. While the forecast for weather in this part of the world is better than what we had last night, the moon phase will have increased and hence is more likely to hinder observations. Updated plots (based on Marco Langbroek’s updated elset) attached – all times (see time-slider at the bottom of the plots) are GMT so you’ll need to add an hour to convert to BST.

For those who are interested, there’s some informed speculation from Ted Molczan as to what role USA-276 / NROL-76 may play in all this.

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