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Grant Privett

Thanks for the comprehensive reply. 

Fortunately, I am not going for a fully automated solution. In the absence of a shed that lends itself to automation I don’t think its worth the hassle for me just to avoid going outside in the dark/cold for 10 minutes at the start and  the end of each session. Can see the joy and challenge in it though.

In light of what seems to be the opinion of USB over internet, I will probably go for a NUC hung on the back of the scope so all I need a is 5A 19V power supply cable and an ethernet cable connecting to them to Remote Assist/desktop via.

A thermostat/heater on the NUCs will be needed of course as few computer drives are good for operation sub-zero.

Still means trench digging of course, but theres no way round that without recourse to batteries and a big solar panel on the shed roof.

Shame no one in the UK manufactures motorised run off roof sheds that can be run from a PC. Theres a market niche.

Perhaps if my DIY To Do List was <1 sheet of A4 (8 point font).  🙂 

Thanks again. Have you published any accounts of your observatory?