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Andy Wilson

Hi John,

Those are good looking spectra. I don’t have a detailed knowledge of Nova spectra, so I am glad to see that Robin has provided some useful information and links.

I suspect your response correction is working reasonably well, but it is difficult to tell how good it is with an evolving spectrum like that of a Nova. A good way to check is to take spectra of a couple of standard stars, like ones with Miles spectra. Use one of them to create the response correction, then apply it to the other star and see how close it is to the Miles spectrum. Noting these are the versions of the Miles spectra which have not been dereddened. You will also need to choose stars and times to give similar altitude when obtaining the spectra, so the effects of the Earth’s atmosphere are similar.

I am glad you found the BASS tutorial useful. I have a feeling I did not include normalising the spectrum to unity over a selected wavelength range that tries to avoid any significant spectral lines. This helps with comparisons and is a standard approach when submitting spectra to a database or campaign. When comparing spectra on a plot I then either overly them or artificially apply an offset in BASS in order to see details and changes.

Great to see you are already getting excellent results from your Alpy.

Best wishes,