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Andy Wilson

Thanks Steve.

Yes, that is a P Cygni profile in David and Hugh’s spectra, and as David points out it is also visible in my spectra, it is just very very spread out as it is at high resolution.

I obtained an even better spectrum on the 13th March. This has a slightly cleaner signal and you can start to see structure within the P Cygni absorption profile. For example the extra absorption around 6553 Angstroms. There is also an interesting emission peak at about 6517 Angstroms. I’m not sure what element this is from, but I would suspect it comes from has in the accretion disc. It even appears to show its own small P Cygni profile, though it is possible this is just noise. Note if this was a P Cygni profile then it would be from material travelling relatively slowly compared to the huge P Cygni at H Alpha.

I thought I’d show the same spectrum, but this time converted to velocity relative to the central H Alpha emission peak. This shows the absorption to the blue (shorter) wavelength goes beyond -2000 km/s. This is due to the hydrogen in the jet absorbing light, but it is blue shifted due to its fast velocity towards us.