VV CEP campaign


Hi David,

Many thanks for this friendly welcome. Encouraging enthusiastic people in the exciting world of spectroscopy is my mission and passion. 

Concerning the LR spectral possibilities in case of VV Cep:

Because measurements of Radial velocities, Equivalent Widths and V/R component behavior require real R values >10000 those measurements are not possible with a low or medium resolution spectrograph.

Nevertheless LR recordings are certainly welcome for other purposes. Here come two doublets to the scene: Sodium Na I at 5889.95-5895.92 Å and Potassium K I at 7665 – 7699 Å . Their behavior (IP) and broadening is interesting to study general behavior, observe effects such as reddening, which is important to estimate temperatures & distances. Also the fact that with LR a broader spectral range is visible, which can give insight in the overall behavior of interstellar mass transfer around the  primary eclipse period. So LR spectral recordings are certainly welcome and I encourage interested people to participate! Exposure times for Alpy and LISA between 180 and 300 s will be sufficient, depending on telescope size.

Of course we must keep in mind that spectrographs like the Alpy and LISA are in fact designed especially for the study of faint astronomical objects.

So LR spectra can be uploaded to the database, so we can compare them individually.

Success !

Kind regards,