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 Hi Robin,

 I’ll ask Ernst if a Pro-Am is foreseen or will be activated on VV Cephei. 

Concerning the info links: strange those links do not work. Hope these attachments can help you.

Concerning the dispersion (the graph is a screenshot of BASS version 1.9.7) it was indicated within the BASS project software. Measurements by BASS gave for example in the red region: R= 11949@6571 Å, which was sufficient enough.

Initially without the 2x binning/zooming function the dispersion was in fact 0.17 Å/px which gives a more realistic dispersion for a LHIRES III 2400 L/mm with a slit of 35 µm and a 15 MP Canon Debayered DSLR with pixel pitch 4.69 microns.

So the original dispersion is 0.17 Å/px and the 2x zoom/binning  0.33 Å/px.

Kind regards,