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Tim Haymes

I was also concerned by updates and stability, I now run most of my astro software on HP W10  i5 recycled business laptop from CeX, with card reader, DVD, one USB3 and 2xUSB2, 250Gb SSD.  No problem. The card reader provides extra capacity for data.   I can avoid unexpected updates by keeping it in airplane mode.  It will update when reconnecting to the internet, so i keep an eye open for the “feature updates” and just allow them to install when the laptop is not in use. I also set the  “no install” period to include night hours”.

So I find W10 fine, I ignore the fancy patchwork shortcuts. I put all the apps in the tray. It looks like W7. There is also a registry hack that will put the seconds display into the clock if you so wish (I found it on the internet). In the system folder there is Internet explorer. You can use this instead of Edge if you prefer it. 

The windows 10 OS is better designed on timing issues, there are fewer, or better controlled interrupts (compared to XP and W7). This would benefit software requiring UT, and the reliable timing of fast data collection.

Ive not used linux or Wine.