Many thanks, Andy.

  Good to see “Spectroscopy” is “alive and kicking” also among the BAA members 🙂

  I think the upcoming VV Cephei Eclipse Campaign, which I propose to be called ” VV CEC 2017-19”  is a great, if not the opportunity for all “Spectroscopically active members” to contribute to this exciting and interesting event. Must be doable for the major part of the members, as the magnitudes are within the range of most telescopes.

Would be a good idea to prepare a “standardized” recording protocol for the LR  (R< 10.000) and HR (R>10.000) spectroscopy and a list of the types of available spectrograph equipments as well as a contributing observer list. Every contributing observer can be mentioned this way on the scientific papers afterwards. 

As Ernst Pollmann already mentioned, a sufficiently pre-running baseline will be the major concern to finetune the V/R changes afterwards.

Kind regards,