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William Bristow

Hi Nick.

Assuming this is a new computer with Windows 10 start by typing “Programs and Features” in the search box, lower left, bottom tool bar.

From the pop-up search results click the item “Turn Windows Features On or Off”

If not already enabled, in the list of features place a check in the boxes next to .NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Framework 4.8.

Reboot the computer.

Go to the ASCOM website, download and install the ASCOM 6.4SP1 platform from the link at the top-right of the web page:

Then run the installers again for MaxIm DL and the Pulsar Dome driver.

Install any ASCOM drivers for the equipment you intend to connect.

MaxIm requires the ASCOM platform to function and connects to most hardware devices via ASCOM drivers but includes some native support for their own SBIG camera range and a few older third party legacy devices but in the main you will need to install the ASCOM drivers for cameras, filter wheels mounts, focusers, domes etc.

The Sky X has many built in non-ASCOM drivers (X2) that work with devices directly which is probably why the Sky X works but MaxIm does not. I have no experience with AstroPhysics gear so can’t comment on that.

Lastly, it is most likely your old computer ran with the 32 bit version of Windows 7, your new computer will almost certainly be 64 bit so you may have to visit your astro equipment vendors websites to download the latest 64 bit compatible drivers.