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    Dave Beraud

    has anybody out there used a pair of the low power binoculars. There appear to be two versions on the market, one of which is £100 cheaper . Any suggestions?

    Jeremy Shears

    Hello Dave,

    I have a pair of Vixen SG 2.1 x 42 Widefield binoculars. They get a mention in my From the President column in the June Journal at:


    Personally, I think they are great for widefield (whole constellation) views from dark sites. They come into their own when you look at the milky way towards the galactic centre. You need to get used to using them, but I am quite taken with them. However, they are no substitute for “conventional” binos.

    I haven’t tried other makes.

    Hope this helps,


    Dave Beraud

    thanks. Yes I did see your article. I’m pretty certain I’ll get a pair. 

    owen brazell

    I have a pair that I used down on La Palma and here in the UK. They are very nice, at least the Vixen ones, and give interesting wide field views. I would say that they may not help too much from light polluted skies but form dark skies they are very interesting. I suspect the other ones (Kasai and other branded versions) are Chinese clones, hence the cost differential. They do have their uses but I suspect that they maybe a limited use piece of equipment.


    Martin Lewis

    Hi Dave,

    I bought a pair for low power views of constellations and they give a big boost to your vision by adding 1.5 mags without changing the size that much- it’s like having super-eyes.

    They are simple Galilean design and there is some astigmatism and the quality falls off noticeably away from the centre but they are fun in a dark location, especially for sweeping the Milky Way and looking at large clusters like Pleiades, Hyades etc,


    Mr Jack Martin


    I have the Vixen 2.1 excellent BUT you need 2 things good skies and good vision they are not suitable with a spectacle prescription of for example +6.75. They are best used without specs but are adjustable to about +/- 5. The manufacturers don’t bother to tell you !

    Do not buy the cheaper version(s).


    Huggins Spectroscopic Observatory UK

    Jeremy Shears
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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