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    Posted by Nick James at 10:50 on 2012 Jan 29

    I’ve just posted the videos of last Wednesday’s meeting in the members’ only section.Nick.


    Posted by Gordon MacLeod at 22:25 on 2012 Jan 29

    Nick,Can I just say as someone who lives on the North Coast of Scotland, and getting to Glasgow for the BAA Out of London meeting several years ago was a days travelling in itself on public transport, that these videos are a brilliant way of keeping in touch with the meetings that are held in London, which I would be very unlikely ever to get to.Many Thanks for providing this service.Best Wishes,Gordon


    Posted by Nick James at 22:56 on 2012 Jan 29

    Gordon,Thanks. I’m pleased that they are so useful.I understand your point about coming down to meetings in London. Last year I decided to take the train up to Denis Buczynski’s observatory on Tarbatness. It was a great journey but took over 13 hours from Essex. Flying easyJet to Inverness is much quicker but less fun.I hope you can make our Aberdeen meeting next September.Nick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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