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    Posted by James Lancashire at 14:55 on 2013 Aug 13

    Has anyone used the clear skies? I did a photo session on Fri night and again Mon night at maximum. Monday I also did a visual watch with several really bright events. Very impressive. Will forward to John Mason.


    Posted by Paul A Brierley at 16:52 on 2013 Aug 13

    Didn’t see a thing in East Cheshire. Cloudy!!


    Posted by Nick James at 22:09 on 2013 Aug 13

    James,It was clear in Essex last night from dusk to dawn. My video camera picked up around 100 events. The raw images are here:http://www.nickdjames.com/MeteorCam/2013/20130812/I haven’t had a chance to go through them yet but there are some bright events recorded.I also had a DSLR going through the night and it has picked up a few bright events including this one at 2340.http://www.nickdjames.com/MeteorCam/2013/20130812/DSLR/meteor_20130812_2340_ndj.jpgIt’s patchy cloud here at the moment but the forecast is better for later on.Nick.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 22:26 on 2013 Aug 13

    I saw a few really bright ones last night, and a small number of fainter ones. I did not seem to see as many as others reported…Details and a couple of pics on my blog at http://starlightnights.com/callump/?p=403Cheers, Callum


    Posted by Richard Miles at 22:33 on 2013 Aug 13

    Nick – There’s a nice one on your video camera sequence at 22:23:41 UT. It must have been recorded by other folks.Richard


    Posted by Jeremy at 22:42 on 2013 Aug 13

    I caught a few Perseids using my new video detection system the last couple of nights – some in gaps in the clouds. Looking doubtful for tonight. I’ll leaving it running all night again, just in case!Go well!Jeremy


    Posted by Nick James at 22:51 on 2013 Aug 13

    Richard,There are quite a few other bright ones too. Yes, I’m certainly hoping that we have some multiple station captures so that we can do a triangulation.Nick.


    Posted by Nick James at 21:13 on 2013 Aug 14

    Last night (Aug 13/14) was reasonably clear here with some more persistent drifting cloud. I’ve uploaded my raw video detections here:http://www.nickdjames.com/MeteorCam/2013/20130813/in case anyone wants to search for a common event. I haven’t reviewed these yet so there could be some spurious ones in the list.Weather forecast and at the moment is not good (its raining) so I suspect I’ll get nothing tonight.


    Posted by Neil Morrison at 21:48 on 2013 Aug 14

    Tuesday 13th August, much poorer observing conditions . Fragmenting low cloud and moderate Haze 6 meteors betwen 21.10 gmt and 23.10 gmt.


    Posted by David Strange at 14:52 on 2013 Aug 15

    This was the brightest one I recorded at 23:50h UT on August 12th at the NLO:http://www.davidstrange.org.uk/Perseid_fireball_20130812_dgs.gifAlthough there was cloud passing overhead at the time, an enlarged version here clearly shows a circular expanding dusty ring after the explosion:http://www.davidstrange.org.uk/Perseid_fireball_20130812_dgs2.gifThis one popular on twitter! Showing ISS and meteor on a collision course ;)http://www.davidstrange.org.uk/ISS_perseids_nlo_20130812.jpgDavid


    Posted by Bill Ward at 16:16 on 2013 Aug 30

    Hello All,Only had two clear nights over the peak period of activity.However the night of the peak was mostly clear and I captured over 150 meteors on the wide field watec and 65 on the narrow field with grating.There were 24 spectra, 5 good and 2 exceptional.It’s taken this long to reduce and analyse them. John Mason has the nice pics for his report but here’s one of the brightest spectra I caught.Cheers,Bill.


    Posted by Bill Ward at 16:24 on 2013 Aug 30

    Ok that didn’t work…Can images be embedded in forum posts?Thanks,Bill.


    Posted by Bill Ward at 15:53 on 2013 Sep 09

    Hi,Do any other regular video observers ever try spectroscopy?I’ve subitted a report to John and a note to Nick for inclusion as a short paper (or letter as it is indeed short!) in the Journal about a very unusual dual spectrum meteor.I’ve been using a Watec 902H2 Ultimate since 2008 (and a Watec 120N for ~18 months before that) for spectroscopy and have never seen this before. Just wondering if it truly unique or perhaps it’s been captured before.The de-interlaced video frame is here:http://userweb.eng.gla.ac.uk/william.ward/meteors/dualspec.jpgCheers,Bill.


    Posted by A R Pratt at 18:39 on 2013 Sep 09

    Hi Bill,This looks like one of your UFO Capture frames / fields. Have you posted your question on the SonotaCo Bulletin Board or e-mailed SonotaCo directly?He is very good at replying to user queries.Apologies if you’ve already done this!Clear skies, Alex.


    Posted by Bill Ward at 19:03 on 2013 Sep 09

    Hi,That’s an idea, might turn up something.Cheers,Bill.


    Posted by Robin Leadbeater at 16:24 on 2013 Sep 30

    Hi Bill,Yes I did something similar back in 2005 but yours are better. http://www.threehillsobservatory.co.uk/astro/spectra_20.htmI was pleased to get anything at all and then moved on.There does not appear to be many if any doing it as part of routine monitoring.CheersRobin

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