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    I bought a few sets of these stamps in case people did not manage to get any. I can supply on a first come, first served basis. I will supply a block of 16 stamps and protective sleeve for £15 including postage in the UK. Contact me on baa@clock-tower.com

    The Total Eclipse of the Sun stamp was the first U.S. stamp to use thermochromic ink, which reacts to the heat of your touch. Placing your finger over the black disc on the stamp causes the ink to change from black to clear to reveal an underlying image of the Moon. The image reverts back to the black disc once it cools. The back of the stamp pane shows a map of the eclipse path. I also will supply the protective sleeve specifically designed for stamp preservation.
    The stamp uses a photograph taken by astrophysicist Fred Espenak of a total solar eclipse that was seen over Jalu, Libya, on March 29, 2006. Fred also took the photograph of the full Moon that is revealed by pressing upon the stamp image. 

    Sheridan Williams

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