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    Good morning everyone
    I am looking for cooperation in observing the lunar occultations of Uranus (14 September) and Mars (8 December). Those interested in an experimental study of the phenomena can contact me, I will provide details about the method and purpose. I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you and best regards. Giovanni (Italy)

    Mark Radice

    Count me in Giovanni – subject to cloud of course.


    Thank you Matk, I will send you a note about the purpose of the observation. Of course there is also the unknown cloud in the Mediterranean basin. I hope well.
    I’ve seen your planet shots on youtube. Congratulations on everything, Jupiter and Mars are a sight to behold.


    Dear Mark, I think I cannot observe the Moon’s occultation of Uranus. The sky, which until yesterday was clear and deep blue, is today becoming cloudy again. This is the situation at 13 UTC+2H. Unfortunately, it often happens like this. In the afternoon, I will mount the instrument on the terrace of my house, hoping at least for no worsening.You will have more news. You will have more news. Bye.


    …and this is yesterday’s sky. View from the Gran Sasso (Pizzo Intermesoli, 2635 m). The picture embraces almost half the horizon above the Adriatic Sea, North is towards the centre of the picture. For tonight I hope well. Thank you and greetings. Ciao.


    Pictures from yesterday


    Throughout the night the sky was overcast with heavy rain, lightning and thunder. I hope for the occultation of Mars on 8 December. Again, thank you for your availability.
    P.S. the image above is this one.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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