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    Posted by Denis Buczynski at 23:47 on 2014 Feb 27

    There has been major auroral display tonight seen from the end of twilight and still continuing at 23:00 UT. All the main features of an aurora seen tonight, multiple arcs seen, some extending beyond the zenith, strong rays and bands, red and green in colour. Pulsating bands and patches. A zenithal corona was seen forming and reforming. The display was very bright and the colours very vivid. Amazing sight.The most impressive display I have personally seen during a perfect night for observing.Denis BuczynskiTarbatness peninsula Highland Scotland


    Posted by Grant Privett at 23:57 on 2014 Feb 27

    It was even faintly visible 10 miles west of Salisbury. Though I think i missed the best bit…


    Posted by Nick James at 16:36 on 2014 Feb 28

    It looks as if it was an amazing display. Just my luck that I am north of the arctic circle at the moment and the display was too far south for us to get a good view. I should have stayed in Essex!Great images though and it is the top story on the BBC News website!


    Posted by James Fraser at 19:38 on 2014 Feb 28

    Also in Easter Ross so the description by Denis is very similar to my experience though I have more streetlights.A couple of youtube timelapse can be found here. were made by using the ‘movie-mode’ on the Canon EOS 600D. The frame capture rate was slowed down to about 2 frames per second by adding Magic Lantern software to the card.James Fraser, Alness.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 10:29 on 2014 Mar 01

    Thanks for sharing these videos James, I have been wondering for a while whether DSLR movie modes could usefully capture auroral displays – so clearly can! And interesting to hear you have been trying out Magic Lantern.Cheers, Callum


    Posted by James Fraser at 11:53 on 2014 Mar 01

    Hello, Callum.Yes, I have certainly found that software useful in the past couple of years for day and night photography. Works very well with NLC timelapse. Many other convenient features such as an internal intervalometer and help with focusing on stars etc. Just a pity that it is restricted to certain models of Canon cameras. Another bonus is that "it is as free as speech!"James.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 17:41 on 2014 Mar 01

    Yes – it does not seem to work with my ancient canon 300d – am thinking about upgrading the camera – maybe a 650d or 700d…Cheers, Callum


    Posted by Bill Ward at 20:09 on 2014 Mar 02

    Hi,Not quite all sky from here (North Ayrshire) and frequently obscured by cloud but it was nice to catch glimpses of the display through the cloud.I put my NLC camera out to see what it caught.Here’s the timelapse.,Bill.


    Posted by Phillip Hudson at 21:02 on 2014 Mar 02

    Nice video

    Nick James

    This is a test post on the aurora thread.

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