Apogee Alta U9000 large format CCD camera for sale £1480+ £20 shipping.

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    Matt Dawson

    3056 x 3056 pixels, 36.7 X 36.7mm chip. Suitable for all wide field applications. The reason I am selling it is that it’s too heavy to mount on my 20inch newtonian (f3.5), but would be perfect for an SCT or Astrograph on a fork or German equatorial mount with counterweights.

    I bought it 2 months ago from Crni Vrh Observatory (MPC observatory code 106) who used it for their asteroid survey. It is in perfect working order and they gave it a full check up before shipping. The chamber was purged and refilled 2 years ago, so you won’t have problems with condensation or ice crystals. Apogee offer this as a lifetime free service anyway. You ship it to Andor in Belfast, they refill the chamber with argon gas, and send it back to you for free. I am asking £1480 which is what I paid for it 2 months ago.
    The £20 shipping is for standard post which can take 3 weeks, but faster methods are available. The camera comes with power supply, USB cable, mounting plate, mounting adapter, and 3 spare fans. If you are not familiar with Apogee cameras, I posted the link to the S&T revue below. I have used them for 20 years and apart from replacing a fan occasionally, have never had a problem.

    Please contact me on mgedawson@gmail.com, phone +352 621 291849

    Sky & Telescope review by Denis de Cicco: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Apogee%27s+Alta+U9000+CCD+camera%3A+the+first+astronomical+camera+with+…-a0169309135
    Apogee U9000 specs: https://www.observatorij.org/News/U9000.pdf

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